Our Mission

On January 26, 2014, a journey began; a journey toward the awareness and prevention of Encephalitis. Encephalitis, a term I had only heard used as a disease brought on by mosquitoes, is now my mission to prevent.

Something About Ben is an organization dedicated to my son Benjamin Diamond.

Ben woke up one morning with mild flu like symptoms and, within three hours, Encephalitis took over Ben like a freight train. Every test protocol was run to understand what was happening. Nothing made sense about Ben’s condition.

Minutes turned into hours, hours turned into days and by day five, Ben’s brain had herniated.

Something About Ben was born the day Ben passed.

On the eve of what we knew was going to be our last night with Ben our family held each other hand-in- hand with Ben, and discussed our New Mission. While we were being faced with the worst tragedy and heartbreak a family could ever imagine, we were approached by the Gift of Life Pennsylvania Chapter of the national organization, Donate Life, and we knew why there was something special about Ben.

Without hesitation, I knew as a mom, that Ben would want his organs and tissue donated to save and preserve lives and affect others in such a way that is bigger than we could ever hope for. An adventure, a goal, and a life’s dedication toward hope of never having a child taken because of this detrimental condition, our journey begins. Encephalitis very simply means “swelling of the brain.” It can be brought on by primary and secondary viruses and bacteria. While we know of no cure, we do know early intervention can change the course and slow the affects of Encephalitis. We will work toward raising funds for the professionals who are researching the disease.

Encephalitis does not have to be fatal. We are going to dedicate our profits to ensure that children will not lose their lives to Encephalitis.

Much love to all of you who love and support us and our journey. And so it begins…


Susan, Ben’s Momma